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                           What are Certifications?
Certifications are credentials individuals earn to verify the legitimacy and competence to perform a job. Your certification is typically displayed as a document stating that as a professional, you've been trained, educated, and prepared to meet a specific set of criteria for your role. This statement is awarded only after you've passed the proper assessments administered by a recognized third-party credential institution.

                                          Benefits of Certification
Obtaining professional certification displays your dedication to your profession and verifies that you're well-trained to use the tools of your industry effectively. Taking the time and effort to obtain these certifications can show potential employers that you are a valuable contributor to your profession and help you gain recognition for your commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement.

The top advantages of becoming certified in your profession, the tools of your industry, or within your company include:
1. Competitive advantage
2. Efficiency
3. Earning potential
4. Expand knowledge and skills

5. Professional Credibility

As an International Recognition Organisation, Great Commission Theological Institute respects our work by Certifying our certificates to our students. In other areas, too, we certify our workers and workmates because of their roles.

From 2023, all the GCTI certificates are verified and certified using the Code inserted on each of the certificates. To scan and verify our student's certificates, you may download the code scanner here.

If the information provided on the scanned information corresponds to the student's information and both of the documents (the certificate and its transcription), then the certificate's validity is to be proved to be right.

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