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                              ACCREDITATION PROCESS

GCTI follows a comprehensive accreditation process, allowing institutes to easily acquire accreditation from a leading international accreditation agency without any hassle. However, please note that in order to accredit any institution, the GCTIA requires proper documentation of the institute’s registration and foundation. Following are the eligibility criteria for acquiring the GCTI’s accreditation:

  1. Institutes must be registered in their region, in accordance with their laws.

  2. Institutes, whether private or government, must be functional for at least 3 months.

  3. Institutes must have qualified faculty members to guarantee their commitment towards providing quality education.

  4. Institutes must provide all the documentation asked by the GCTIA consultants for review. Failure to do so will result in disapproval of the application.


The following is the process of accreditation followed by the GCTIA:

  1. Institutes that are willing to acquire the GCTI’s accreditation will have to submit their application for review with the required documentation. The GCTIA consultants will guide you through the entire process and the required documents to ensure the process goes smoothly.

  2. GCTIA Global Inspection Committee will visit the institute online to verify and evaluate. The Global Inspection Committee Members (ICM) will ensure all the information provided in the initial application is correct and at the same time will evaluate if the institute meets the GCTIA’s criteria. In case an institute does not meet our criteria, we would give out instructions on how they can improve and be eligible.

  3. After the on-site inspection of the institute, a summary is submitted to the GCTIA Council by our Global Inspection Committee, upon which the GCTIA decides whether or not to provide accreditation to the institute.

Become Accredited

Becoming accredited can seem to be challenging. But with the help of our experts and resources, it can be achieved. Accreditation can bring many benefits to your organization.


Accreditation Requirements: 

  • The institute applying for accreditation must be offering authorized courses. 

  • The programs/degree offered must be provided independently from your institution, without any affiliation with another name or organization.

Get GCTI’s Accreditation Seal & Certificate:

When you acquire GCTI’s accreditation, you are awarded with formal certification and the GCTIA’s official seal, which you can place on your digital and print marketing collaterals to prove you are an internationally recognized institute.

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