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                                            Evaluation Standards
Great Commission Theological Institute Accreditation (GCTIA) brings world-class education institutes and organizations closer together to amplify the education standards. The GCTIA collaborates with renowned organizations to boost engagement, innovate, and expand the learning and business standards, universally. GCTIA adopts a stringent accreditation process, through which it works towards the attainment of its ultimate goal, boosting education standards. With an ever-growing community of schools and other education institutes, GCTIA has become a reliable entity in the business world.

Great Commission Theological Institute Accreditation has acquired a stringent accreditation process that evaluates an institute based on different factors. The process is primarily based on international standards of education and evaluation to ensure quality education. The method of evaluation at GCTIA keeps transforming by adopting necessary changes that come with time. These improvements are implied so that a modern system of assessment can be followed.

Continuous improvement thrives at GCTIA, not when it comes to its own work culture but by affiliated institutes as well. Before awarding accreditation to an organization, corporation, professional, college, or institute, GCTIA analyses its mission, business strategy, student support, work culture, faculty nature, learning, course makeup, academic culture, and student-teacher engagement.


These standards are incredibly rigorous, and an institute must fall under the criterion to receive accreditation from GCTIA. This stringent process ensures professionalism and smooth operation for both the accreditor and the institute acquiring a certification.

As for the process, any school, institute, college, or organization offering a bachelor's, undergraduate, or relevant degree can apply for GCTI accreditation. To continue this process, an education institute may want to fill out an application to establish accreditation eligibility. Once the application has been approved, the institute is evaluated for its educational standards, as mentioned earlier. Upon accreditation, the institute becomes an affiliated part of GCTIA that has to go through a continuous improvement process every five years to ensure quality education standards.

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