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                             The benefits of the accreditation

The Great Commission Theological Institute Accreditation’s certification programs are designed to evaluate education programs across the colleges. Great Commission Theological Institute Accreditation organization may seek to offer the certification of all the education and services across the world.

For some select certifications, a non-accredited college can apply for certification if they are part of the colleges that are compliant with applicable federal laws.


Like accreditation, certification requires an evaluation by The Great Commission Theological Institute Accreditation. It covers compliance with the standards and verifies improvement activities. After earning a certification, you will receive:

  1. The Gold Seal of Approval®, our internationally recognized mark of quality.

  2. We will be advertising your institute on our website with your name, logo, images, and certificate.

  3. You will be recognized that your institution has met the standards of education

  4. You will have an improvement in the enrollment rate by winning the trust of students & parents

  5. The employers will determine the programs credibility & knowledge level of the students

  6. The graduates will be enabled to appear for further certification examinations

  7. You will accelerate the chances of placements in institutions

  8. You will create goals for self-improvement of educational institutions

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